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Winter Maintenance: 3 Tips to Keep Your Furnace Functional During Winter

Furnace Maintenance in Winter - Springs Servicing & Heating

Winter is here. And whether you love it or hate it, it’s a time to ensure your furnace is up-to-snuff. The last thing you need is a broken furnace in minus-20-degree weather. At Spring’s Service and Heating, we offer 24-hour furnace repair in Calgary. So if your heating system requires maintenance at any time, we can help.

But in the meanwhile, you may want to know how to keep your furnace in good condition. After all, prevention is the best protection. Here are 3 essential tips to keep your furnace operational during winter.

1. Ensure Your System is Maintained

Most Canadian homes are heated via propane, natural gas, or electric furnaces. However, other systems are available: radiant heat, steam radiator heat, air or geothermal heat pumps, and more. Some systems are practically maintenance-free. Conversely, others need regular servicing, like air conditioners. Contact a technician or an HVAC expert if your heating system is anything other than a gas or electric furnace and you’re uncertain of its upkeep requirements.

2. Perform Early Maintenance Checkups

You can avoid a furnace repair in Calgary by starting your maintenance early. Frigid nights are the ideal opportunity for furnace failure; taking a proactive approach can prevent you and your family from sitting in the cold. You can perform routine furnace checkups annually. These assessments can even be done while temperatures are still warm or temperate. This process gives you a headstart on your yearly furnace upkeep. Also, you’ll have a surplus of leeway if you need repairs.

3. Talk to a Professional

You can do a lot to maintain your furnace. However, over time, wear and tear naturally begins to take hold—regardless of how thorough you are in your checkups. When this happens, you should rely on the experts. Speaking to a professional can help you diagnose your furnace’s real problem(s). You will learn if you need new parts, better maintenance, or a new furnace. And this is information you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere other than an expert.

We Offer 24-Hour Furnace Repair in Calgary

At Spring Service and Heating, we are a family-owned and operated business. We’ve been serving Calgary for over 50 years. And with our 24-hour furnace repair guarantee, you can contact us anytime for your furnace maintenance needs.

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