Furnace Not Turning On? Here’s How You Can Fix it

Ensuring your furnace’s functionality during winter is essential. However, this doesn’t automatically warrant a maintenance technician. Why? Because many DIY solutions are available that can save you time and money. If your furnace malfunctions, a furnace repair can be completed by taking a few simple actions. Keep reading to learn the furnace troubleshooting tips before contacting a service specialist.

1. Replace Air Filter

A clogged air filter can prevent your furnace from heating. Gradually, an air filter clogs up with dirt, debris, hair, or other household residues, compromising your furnace’s efficiency. Also, limited airflow can cause the heat exchanger’s warmth to increase continuously. Each furnace includes limit switches that are triggered when temperatures surpass a fixed point, causing the furnace to shut down. To ensure the unit’s functionality, you should replace your air filters every 1 to 3 months, whether you’re having heat or airflow problems or not.

2. Ensure Your Thermostat is On

A new furnace installation is not always necessary. Occasionally, the obvious solution for a defective furnace (that’s oftentimes forgotten) is to check the thermostat. This device calculates the room temperature, permitting you to specify and alter your chosen temperature. If your thermostat isn’t active, it can’t “communicate” with your furnace to turn it on. Once your thermostat is on, raise the temperature that causes the furnace to become active; this temperature may fluctuate between thermostats.

3. Inspect the Power Switch Position on the Furnace

Occasionally, a defective furnace is due to it simply being powered down. Find your furnace’s power switch (typically on a wall, ceiling, or floor) close to the unit. It typically resembles a normal light switch. Generally, the “on” position is up; however, that’s not always the case, as it’s based on the installation. Someone who is not familiar with your home could easily turn the furnace off by accident. This situation occurs because of the similarities between power switches and simple light switches.

Help is Available if Needed

A malfunctioning furnace is frustrating; it’s enticing to throw your hands up in exasperation, cursing the problem. But there’s no need for that. You can easily diagnose and solve many of your furnace issues with the tips provided above. However, we at Spring’s Service and Heating can help with those issues you can’t solve alone.

We have over 50 years of experience servicing Calgary and surrounding areas. So any situation you’re struggling with, we’ve seen it already. Stay warm this winter by contacting us today to fix your home furnace.