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Calgary Gas Line Installation Services

Professional and safe gas line installation services

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If you want to get a gas stove or other appliance but don’t have the necessary gas lines in your home, Spring’s Servicing & Heating can help. We’ll properly install the gas lines and complete the project by hooking up your appliance to the new lines. With a focus on your safety, we are committed to properly installing your new gas line in your home. From permits to follow-up, we’ll take care of everything.


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Calgary Gas Line Installation Services

Committed to enhancing your space with an emphasis on quality and safety, every member of our skilled team has the expertise to carry out gas line installations that adhere to the highest standards. Upgrade your home confidently by selecting our services for your gas line installation requirements.

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Indoor gas lines

Installation and repair of gas lines within homes for heating systems, fireplaces, and kitchen appliances, ensuring safety and efficiency.

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Outdoor gas lines

Providing and servicing gas lines for outdoor kitchens, patio heaters, and fire pits enhances outdoor living spaces with a reliable fuel supply.

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BBQ gas lines

Professional installation of dedicated gas lines for barbecues, offering convenience and endless fuel for grilling without the need for propane tanks.

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Gas dryer hookups

Safe and efficient installation of gas lines for dryers, ensuring proper function and energy efficiency for laundry appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a gas line installation cost?

Typically, it costs between $350-$750 for a gas line installation. However, that’s just for general applications. A more elaborate project can run you over a grand or more. For a new gas line installation, a contractor will generally charge $12-$75 a foot. This price can fluctuate depending on the material.

Yes. All gas installations in Calgary require permits; this includes refurbishing installation jobs.