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Calgary Dryer Hookup Services

Expert dryer hookup services for Calgary, Cochrane and Surrounding Areas

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The last thing you want to do is improperly connect the gas line or vent to your dryer, especially if it’s a new machine. You don’t want to accidentally damage it through an avoidable error. That’s why we offer Calgary gas line and dryer vent hookup service. Let the experts at Spring’s easily take care of all aspects of dryer installation, and then the only thing you’ll need to worry about is washing and folding your next load of laundry!


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Calgary Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

At Spring’s Heating, we recommend that you have your dryer vent cleaned professionally at least every 18-24 months. A family of five requires more loads of laundry than one person or a couple, so depending on your laundry needs, you may need to clean your vents more often. Some of the benefits of dryer vent cleaning services include:

Reduced risk of a house fire

Lint is a leading cause of combustion, and failure to clean the dryer vent is a contributing cause of many dryer fires.

Lowered energy costs

Lint build-up in your dryer vent means your dryer will take longer to dry your clothes, which means you’ll have to run your dryer more, leading to higher utility bills. By cleaning your dryer vent, your dryer will run more efficiently and save you money.

Increased life of your clothes

When your dryer vent is blocked, your dryer can overheat, damaging the fibres in your clothes. Additionally, you’ll have to run your clothes through your dryer longer, which can cause the clothing fibres to wear out faster.

Extended dryer life

A blocked dryer vent can cause your dryer to work harder, which means it can wear down faster, requiring expensive repairs. Properly maintained dryer vents enable your dryer to work more efficiently, extending the life of your dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install a Gas Dryer?

You can install a gas dryer easily on your own. And all you need are a few tools, the right instructions and some patience.

  • Switch it off: Your first step is to shut the power off at whatever location in your home the dryer will be located. This step will prevent you from accidentally getting shocked during installation. Bring in a lamp with an extension cord, so you don’t have to work in the dark. You’ll also need to turn off the gas.
  • The right connections: You’ll need to use joint compound or pipe-wrap around the valve threads to connect the gas line. Both of these tape variations are created for gas links as a means to ensure an airtight seal. Once completed, employ a stainless steel adapter as an extension to the supply pipe of the gas dryer. On this step, a pipe elbow may be effective in preventing the gas line from warping excessively. Place an elastic gas line within the stainless steel adapter prior to connecting the opposite end to your gas line. Here, you can utilize your compound or pipe-wrap tape to secure the connections.
  • Try out the connection: To test the gas connection, you’ll need to merge an assortment of one-part dish soap and one-part water. Turn the gas on and inspect for leaks by applying a light solution layer on the linkage. You must redo your connection if you notice bubbles appearing. Next, place one end of the malleable dryer exhaust tube on the exhaust tube vent positioned in the wall. Ensure you have a foil or metal tube. Avoid plastic exhaust tubes, they can induce carbon monoxide leaks or even fires.
  • Push and plug: Now, you can plug your dryer in and push it into its proper position. Gas dryers have conventional electric plugs; conversely, electric dryers retain sizable, three-pronged 240-volt plugs. You may need to employ a level for the proper measurements of the dryer legs. Once evenly positioned, the dryer won’t jiggle or jerk as much.

No. Gas meters should be placed a minimum of 3 feet from any ignition sources. Some ignition source examples include outlets, ACs, generators, etc.

Galvanized steel gas pipes are durable and best for energy efficiency. Moreover, galvanized steel pipes are perfect for water supply lines and are used for both indoor and outdoor gas line applications.

You can clean your dryer vent on your own by following a few simple steps:

  1. Assemble your cleaning products: These may consist of duct tape, vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, duct cleaning kit, etc.
  2. Remove the dryer: Pull the dryer from the wall, ensure it’s unplugged, and decouple the duct.
  3. Vacuum inside: Switch on your vacuum, and while using An vent entrance. Prod the dryer’s interior exhaust duct and clean everything you can.
  4. Sweep up the clutter: Be sure to clean up the clutter left behind. Clear the dust and toss it. If residue remains, you should try soapy water to clean it.
  5. Put the dryer back together: Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can plug the dryer in again, reconnecting the duct into the vent’s dryer.

Start by determining the ventilation duct path, obtain the proper tubing, and open holes in your home’s exterior walls. However, installing a dryer vent is a challenging task. So unless you have experience with these types of projects, it’s much safer to obtain the assistance of an expert rather than unintentionally damage your home.