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Calgary Humidifier Installation & Replacement

Humidifier installation services for Calgary, Cochrane & Surrounding Areas

The Calgary air can be dry, which means that the air in your home is also dry, and dry air can be unpleasant, especially in the winter. Dry air can make your skin tight and itchy, create uncomfortable static shocks, and even damage your furniture by causing it to crack or shrink. What’s the solution to dry air? A humidifier is your home’s best weapon against lack of moisture. Spring’s Servicing & Heating in Calgary installs and repairs humidifier systems for homeowners from High River to Okotoks to Airdrie. We’ll help you choose a Honeywell or General Aire® system that will provide your home with the ideal humidity—too much humidity is a problem, too, and we’ll help you strike the right balance.


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Banish Dry Air with a New Humidifier

In Calgary’s dry climate, a humidifier is essential for maintaining comfortable indoor air quality. Ensuring optimal humidity levels in your home can enhance your overall well-being and preserve its integrity.

Here are some of the benefits of having a humidifier

Energy Efficient

Maximize your home’s energy use with efficient humidifiers, reducing heating costs while maintaining comfort during dry seasons.

Humidity Control

Achieve perfect indoor humidity levels effortlessly, enhancing comfort and protecting your home’s integrity and indoor climate

Low Maintenance

Enjoy the benefits of ideal humidity with minimal effort; modern humidifiers are designed for easy, infrequent maintenance.

Reduced Sickness

Minimize health risks by maintaining optimal indoor humidity, reducing the spread of viruses and alleviating allergy symptoms.

Improve your quality of life and prevent dry air damage with a whole-home humidifier.

  • Helps Prevent Snoring: Adding humidity in your home through a humidifier creates a better environment that soothes the back of your throat when you sleep. Reducing the dry air and dry throat someone is experiencing while they sleep may prevent that person from snoring through the night.
  • Prevents Dry Skin: Our climate here in Calgary is dry, to say the least. We constantly apply moisturizers and creams, especially during the harsh winter months. A humidifier can help prevent those dry, cracked hands. The added moisture will help improve your dry, itchy skin, eyes, and chapped lips.
  • Relieve Allergy Symptoms: Humidifiers can help ease allergy symptoms by creating a favourable environment throughout the home. Allergy sufferers may feel more comfortable with increased humidity, which may help with dry throats and nasal passages.
  • Prevent Static in the Home: Static electricity is high during winter. Proper humidity will most certainly eliminate static issues in any home entirely.
  • Prevent Damage to Wood Fixtures: Dry air will damage wood furniture, hardwood floors, and cabinets. Lack of humidity in the home will cause hardwood floors to open up and loosen joints. Wood doors may also warp and have difficulty closing or opening. Wood structures require a constant level of humidity to maintain longevity. When used correctly, a humidifier in the home can ensure that the wood features in your home will look their best.

If you’re looking for a new humidifier or it’s time to replace your existing one, we recommend Honeywell or General Aire®

Large Evaporative Bypass Image

Large Evaporative Bypass Humidifier 17 GPD

The Honeywell Home Bypass Humidifier delivers comfort throughout your home by using your central heating and cooling system. With a versatile design and easy-access pads, this humidifier helps manage your indoor humidity to create an enjoyable environment.

Bypass Flow Through Image

Bypass Flow Through Humidifier

The Honeywell Home Whole-Home Bypass Humidifier has built-in water saving technology that uses significantly less water than a standard model humidifier.

Duct Mounted Humdifier Image

Whole House Bypass Duct-Mounted Humidifier

The HE400A Whole House Humidifier replenishes moisture throughout the entire home to help protect wood floors and furniture from drying and cracking and can reduce static electricity to help keep your home more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are whole-house humidifiers worth the money?

Yes, a whole-home humidifier is well worth the investment. When properly installed in your HVAC system, they can provide a whole host of benefits, such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Effectiveness in controlling humidity
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced chances of sickness
  • They may even help alleviate snoring by adding moisture to nasal passages

No, they have different applications. As its name suggests, a portable humidifier can operate in specified spots within your home, such as bedrooms. And furnace humidifiers are used to circulate moisture throughout your home but are installed in the HVAC system.

Humidifiers help relieve problems produced by dry indoor air. These issues can include cracked or chapped lips, bloody noses, and dry sinuses.

They usually connect to the primary stack of a forced-air furnace where the unit pulls its water from a nearby hot/cold water conduit. Certain humidifiers are nestled in the return-air duct and provide air moisture before it’s warmed.