How to Know If You Need to Repair or Replace Your Hot Water Tank

Your hot water tank works hard to supply warm water throughout your home. Think about all the ways you use hot water on a daily basis; showers, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. What would you do if you all of a sudden there was just cold water running from the taps?

When you find out you need the services of a hot water tank technician, how do you know if you are making a call for repair or replacement? Your hot water tank professional will be able to determine the problem for you but you should be aware of what can cause a lack of hot water.

What are the signs your hot water tank needs to be repaired?

Burned Out Heating Element

You have checked to ensure your water tank is still switched on. The reason you may not be getting hot water is because of a burned-out element in your tank’s heating system.

Why would an element of your hot water system have burnt out?

Your hot water system needs a heat source to maintain a constant supply of hot water. Certain elements can burn out with time and use. An air pocket could also be a reason for your system burning out. This means that your hot water heater is being exposed to air near the top of the tank, generating enough heat in a short period to damage the internal system. This is called DRYFIRE.

Your hot water tank professional can fix these issues for you, all you have to do is call for an inspection and service.

What are some signs that you need to replace your hot water tank?

Leaking Hot Water Tank

If there is a leak in your hot water tank then it is past the point of repair. Sure, you could try to seal the area where it is leaking but the integrity of the tank begins to break down over time. If you let it keep dripping, the compromised area will continue to expand. You don’t want to lay in bed continuously worrying about your 40-gallon hot water tank creating a mess in your basement. You need to replace it.

What causes hot water tank leaks?


Your hot water tank could just be too old to work properly anymore. After a certain time, your tank begins to corrode and fall apart. This is not uncommon and just means it is time for a replacement.

Sediment Build-Up

If you don’t get your hot water tank cleaned out it could build up sediment that will eventually cause corrosion. This corrosion will weaken the bottom of your hot water tank and create leaks or a sudden expulsion of the entire contents of the tank.

Calling a professional to replace your hot water tank is essential as they have the certifications to deal with this important aspect of your home. If you replace the hot water heater yourself then you might be dealing with dangerous consequences since your tank is connected to gas lines and needs to be fitted correctly for your safety.