4 Major Reasons You Need a Humidifier

Calgary winters are cold, and the harsh dry air is getting to you. You wish there was something to help prevent the negative effects like dry skin, respiratory problems, shrivelled up house plants, and other problems caused by lack of moisture in the air. Your wish can come true, all you need is a good humidifier!

1. Moisturizer

Dry air during winter’s cold months causes your skin to become dry, itchy, and flaky, all due to lack of moisture. This can leave you uncomfortable, constantly scratching at your nose, lips, mouth, arms, and legs. Red marks appear where your nails have glided over your skin. You feel embarrassed to go out because all this dry air is causing you to appear older than you are, with wrinkled skin and cracked lips.

You need a humidifier for your home. Humidifiers can regulate the humidity indoors to help prevent the drying of your skin. Staying hydrated benefits your exterior as well as helps you breathe easier especially when the weather gets colder. Go out on the town and enjoy every moment of your life instead of scratching at your arms and legs. The moisture from your new humidifier will naturally rehydrate your skin and lift your spirits.

2. Warm-Up

The more humid the air is, the warmer you feel. Warm air can hold on to humidity so your humidifier can help keep you warm and cozy as you curl up on the couch to watch a movie. Without a good humidifier, the air around you can feel chilly when winter sets in.

3. Happy Plants

Do you live in a space with many house plants? You may find it harder to keep your greenery alive during the winter. Why? Because the cold rush of air from outside filters into your home and dries your plants out, leaving them craving moisture. Many plants come from environments with an immense amount of moisture in the air and if this is taken away from them, their leaves start to fall and they cease growing. Give your plants some love and keep them happy with a humidifier that will keep the moisture level in the air closer to their natural environment.

4. Dry Throat No More

Are you constantly coughing due to the dry air? Does your throat feel irritated? Maybe you have lost your voice completely. These symptoms can be avoided or lessened by adding moisture into the air. Add a humidifier to your home so you can maintain the perfect amount of humidity to ease that dry scratchy feeling in your throat. Karaoke night can still happen when you avoid breathing in dry air.

You can have a humidifier installed in no time at all. What if you have an extremely large home? No problem, Spring’s Servicing & Heating can install humidifiers to keep every square foot of your home at the optimum humidity level. So, smile knowing your home is now an ultimate comforting place, no matter what the season.