3 Simple Tips to Keep Your AC Unit in Good Condition This Summer

Summer is here! And while longer days and warmer temperatures are a greatly anticipated part of the season, they also bring some disadvantages. Namely, overtaxed air conditioners. For this reason, it’s important to know what to do to ensure your unit is not overworked due to the excessive heat. Air conditioning repair services, while at times necessary – can be avoided by taking the proper precautions.

At Spring’s Service & Heating, we are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer – a designation earned by meeting Carrier’s lofty standards for high quality service and commitment to integral business practices.

So whether you have a Carrier air conditioner in Calgary or any other brand of unit, keep reading to learn 3 tips to both avoid air conditioning repair, and ensure your unit remains in good working condition all summer long.

1. Ensure Your Filters Remain Clean

Naturally, over time, your air filters will begin to gather dust, dirt, debris, etc, and become spoiled as a result. This can cause your filters to clog, which in turn, can give way to numerous issues.

Such problems can include:

  • Home won’t cool properly
  • System may overheat
  • Higher energy bill
  • Allergies may become more frequent
  • Strange smells may occur
  • Loud nosies will take place

In order to circumvent this issues, it’s recommended that you clean your air filters at least once every 3 months. This is a practice that can be done on your own or you can hire a professional to take care of this maintenance task for you.

2. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Outdoor Unit

Many homeowmers leave the outdoor unit as an afterthought. But in reality, it’s importance rivals that of your indoor unit. For example, if the outdoor unit becomes impaired in some fashion, efficiency with the indoor unit will become compromised – this can result in the indoor unit’s malfunction altogether.

To prevent this from happening, perform regular checks of the outdoor unit to ensure it’s clean and fully operational. See to it that the vents are clear, this will stop dust from coming to rest in the unit. Additionally, try to keep plants, greenery, or other objects away from the outdoor unit as they have the potential to obstruct the fan, which can result in unnecessary damages.

3. Combine Your AC with Ceiling Fan

If possible, couple your AC’s efforts with a ceiling fan. These units working in unison can be very effective in saving energy, and as a result, ensuring a cool room temperature. By using both at the same time, air circulation will become much more efficient as it sweeps through the room.

Consequently, this causes the air to cool quicker, which then allows the AC to spare its efforts in regard to power. Over time, this simple practice has the potential to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Additional Services

At Spring’s Service & Heating, we have been proudly serving Calgary and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years. As such, our aim is to provide the best quality HVAC services to our customers. View our list below of HVAC services to see which ones are most relevant to you.

Heat Runs and Duct Work

Are you incorporating a brand new heating or cooling system in your home? If so, Spring’s Service & Heating houses a team of seasoned technicians who are experienced in home heating. We can evaluate your home’s existing heat runs and duct work to see where improvements are needed – and then make said improvements.

Hot Water Tank Repair Services

Hot water tanks are a necessity for every modern home. Without such appliances, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the modern conveniences of warm and hot water within your household. Just imagine taking a cold shower every day before work… At Spring’s Service & Heating, we provide hot water tank repair services. So if your water tank is in need of maintenance – be sure to contact us!

Electronic Air Cleaners

Every family deserves clean air. This sentiment is echoed further if you or your family suffer from allergies. Dust, dirt, and other types of debris can fill the air – often without you knowing – causing allergy-prone individuals to become triggered. If this is a concern of yours, relief is available with Spring’s Service & Heating’s electronic air cleaners.


Air conditioners are vital. Ensure that yours remains in proper working condition by following the simple steps laid out in this article. Your family and friends will thank you. At Spring’s Service & Heating, we pride ourselves on superior service that has come from decades of industry experience.

For this reason, if you require HVAC services, or are simply looking to learn more – then contact us today for additional information.