When to Replace Your Furnace Humidifier Filter

Many modern homes have furnaces with built-in humidifiers (also known as whole-home humidifiers) to ensure indoor air quality is comfortable. For homes without a furnace humidifier, you can achieve a comfortable level of humidity in your house by scheduling a furnace humidifier installation in Calgary. However, once a humidifier installation is complete, you will have to monitor the filter. Below is a simple guide that will tell you when to replace your furnace humidifier filter, and why.

What is a Furnace Humidifier Filter?

Also referred to as a water pad, water panel, or evaporator pad, your humidifier filter essentially retains and dispenses moisture directly to the air as it progresses through the furnace. Once low levels of humidity begin to settle into your home, additional water is added to the pad of the humidifier and distributed to the traversing airflow within your home.

A better way to think of the filter in your humidifier is a water retainment pad. It stores water so that the furnace air can pass through, supplying moisture to the air in your home. When your humidity control senses a drop in the percentage of humidity, it causes the water to flow through the pad so it can maintain the specific level of humidity you desire.

As this process takes place, naturally, dust, debris, mildew, and other contaminants begin to accumulate. For this reason, changing your filter regularly is a must if you want your furnace humidifier to operate properly.

Why It’s Important to Change the Furnace Humidifier Filter Frequently

If left untreated, dirt, debris, and decay will infiltrate your filter, and it will not function as efficiently as it should. This can lead to other issues, including:

  • Clogged up filters
  • Insufficient humidity levels
  • Leaking/choked drain, which can lead to overflow
  • Quicker wear and tear (and more repairs) due to an overworked furnace
  • High energy costs
  • Compromised air quality

The humidifier filter needs to be changed regularly in order to prevent these mineral and mold particles from building up any more than is necessary. Other reasons to change your filter are to keep the air passing through it smelling fresh, allow the unit to run at peak performance, and prevent any possible leaking.

How to Change the Furnace Humidifier Filter

The proper steps for changing the filter depend on the type of furnace you have. If you’re unsure, your best bet is to call us and have one of our professional HVAC technicians complete the filter replacement during a routine inspection.

Typically, your HVAC technician will:

  • Turn off the power to the unit
  • Locate and open the filter housing
  • Remove the filter
  • Clean the filter tray
  • Replace the filter and close the cover
  • Power the unit back up

How Often to Replace the Furnace Humidifier Filter

After you have had a furnace humidifier installation in Calgary, your technician will tell you how many times a year you should change the filters. Generally, once per year is enough. If you have questions about the frequency of switching filters, refer to your instruction manual that will come with the unit. You may need to change the furnace humidifier filter more often in the winter months when the demand for humidity in your home is at its peak.

Additionally, there are other factors that may influence the frequency of filter change, including pets and allergies. However, these are all things you can play by ear and assess if your hone’s air quality is compromised.

What Happens if You Don’t Change the Filter?

Forgetting or avoiding changing the humidifier filters could put unnecessary stress on your humidifier. This additional strain will cause it to become less effective and will hinder its ability to maintain a desired humidity level.

A dirty filter can also be the cause of leakage or an overflowing drain. When you lack humidity in the air, you will notice an increase in static electricity and a sensation of dry skin. This can also lead to itchy eyes, throat irritation, and allergies.

Help yourself, and your family feel refreshed and breathe easier by contacting a technician for humidifier installation in Calgary. You will appreciate the benefits of controlled moisture throughout your home.