Top 4 Reasons for Regular Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups

A furnace is an important part of your home. It keeps you warm during harsh Calgary winters but without regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups, your heat can be compromised. If your furnace stops running you could be left out in the cold. Here are the top 4 reasons you need to keep this home system maintained and tuned-up.

1. Money-Saving

Yes, you read it right, furnace maintenance and tune-ups can save you money. How? Regularly changing filters, tightening electrical connections, lubrication and adjustments of parts keep your furnace in the best working order. Spring’s Servicing & Heating have qualified ticketed journeymen to provide you with all the services you need.

Service professionals have the know-how to check each little part of your furnace to keep it operating safely and efficiently. Regular service helps prevent you from spending money on a new furnace. Save your dollars by giving your furnace a break from working overtime. If filters are plugged and the motor is unclean, your system will need to run longer to generate heat. Making your furnace more efficient helps you save money on your next energy bill. Regular service will keep your costs down and extend the life of your furnace.

2. Stay Safe

A furnace problem can create a dangerous situation such as a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Without regular maintenance and tune-ups, these leaks can go unnoticed. Disregarding your system check-ups could put you and your family in a risky environment where an explosion or even death can result.

Stay safe by ensuring your furnace is regularly and properly maintained and tuned-up. Technicians know what to look for to ensure your furnace is up to code. A professional journeyman will check the system for any problem zones, gas leaks, or cracks in the heat exchanger and review all safety features to make sure they are working as they should.

3. Valid Warranty

Did something happen to your brand-new furnace? You are sure your warranty covers all the problems with your furnace, right? You might be out of luck if you have avoided regular maintenance and tune-ups on your furnace. How so? Your warranty may not be valid as the manufacturer’s warranty terms might only cover you if you properly take care of your furnace with regular service to it.

Your warranty providers will ask for service records to prove that your furnace is being given due care. So, keep getting your furnace checked regularly to make sure your warranty is valid in case of an issue.

4. Stay Warm and Happy

Keep smiling in your warm, cozy house by getting regular tune-ups and maintenance on your furnace. If you get your furnace checked often, you will be less likely to run into problems during extremely cold temperatures. Cold can be a definite mood killer; Netflix and chill will have a whole other meaning if your furnace quits on you in the middle of winter. Eliminate the stress of having to fork out hundreds for a new furnace and waiting for it to be installed during the busy season.

Keep your mind at ease, knowing your furnace is working properly. If you do run into issues, note that Spring’s Servicing & Heating has 24/7 emergency service for your needs at all times, whether it be the middle of the night or during a harsh Winter storm.

Now you know the importance of furnace service but how often do you need this? It depends on the type of furnace you have but typically a good rule to follow is every year. If you feel you are running into issues with your furnace, you might need to have it tuned-up and maintained more often.

A furnace improves the comfort level in your home but only if properly maintained.