Top 3 reasons to have your furnace repaired

Your furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home or commercial space. When the air temperature is comfortable, you go about your daily chores without giving furnace & heating maintenance a second thought.

What happens when the HVAC system you rely on goes awry? You can be left in the cold without the comfort of heat on a cold winter’s day. You can even end up with frozen pipes if the temperature drops below zero for an extended period. Here is why you need to call a professional company to provide furnace repair parts to get your heat back on as soon as an issue arises.

1. Keeps you warm

Calgary winters can be extremely harsh and, without regular heat provided by a properly working furnace, you can be left in an uncomfortable situation. When your furnace needs fixing, you don’t have time to wait around. Cold air can fill your home quickly making it very uncomfortable for you and your family to function. Extra blankets and warm comforters are not enough when the thermometer drops below freezing. You could even end up with water pipes springing a leak as a result of the lack of heat.

A problem with the heat in your business can cause loss of customers and the need to send employees home until the problem is fixed. You don’t want to lose revenue due to a lack of furnace & heating maintenance. The best way to avoid being in these situations is to call a certified technician to bring the furnace repair parts you need so things can get back to normal.

2. Health concerns

If your furnace is not working properly, your health and that of those around you could be in jeopardy. Regular furnace & heating maintenance can reduce the risk of a gas leak or carbon monoxide gas from escaping into your surroundings. If something is wrong with your furnace, it will likely be discovered during an inspection.

According to the Government of Canada, approximately 400 people die each year from seepage of carbon monoxide. Protect your household by making sure you have consistent furnace & heating maintenance.

3. Reduces costs

Does having new furnace repair parts really reduce your heating costs? When your furnace is working poorly, it uses more energy to supply heat. The motor overworks using more electricity, causing you to see an increase in your monthly bill. Not only does this cost you extra money every month but it can shorten the life of your furnace.

When you have a regular furnace & heating maintenance schedule, your service technician can install the furnace repair parts to keep it running smoothly. Think of your furnace check-ups like a health check-up. If you look after your body, you are less likely to get sick and need hospitalization. When you look after your furnace, it will need fewer repairs.