How to know if you’re getting quality furnace installation

For most homeowners, their first concern when inquiring about a furnace installation is the price. Some choose to seek a cheaper route or attempt to install the furnace themselves. After the equipment is installed, it becomes evident whether or not the furnace is working properly.

The key to having a reliable furnace starts with the installation. For this reason, we encourage homeowners to prioritize quality. The project requires intensive knowledge and experience to ensure that it’s completed correctly. All things considered, it’s in the homeowner’s best interest to hire a professional HVAC installer who can ensure the following.


Efficient and reliable furnace products

Regardless of how well the furnace is fitted and installed, the process becomes ineffective without quality equipment that meets industry standards. Look for an HVAC company that is a factory authorized Carrier dealer, a title that guarantees quality carrier furnace installation. Carrier offers some of the industry’s finest equipment for efficient furnaces and whole comfort systems.

A thorough consultation

The first step in a quality furnace installation is the HVAC team doing the necessary legwork ahead of time. A professional installer will take the time to discuss the following:

● The size of your home
● Your needs and preferences
● Your budget
● Insulation and windows

You should be able to walk away from the initial consultation with a clear understanding of the installation process and with the confidence that your HVAC team can handle the job properly.

Knowledgeable recommendations

An experienced installer will know the right configuration, size, and type of equipment that your specific home needs. A furnace that is the wrong size wears out quicker, may not heat or cool your home efficiently and could result in an unnecessary increase in your energy bill. Your HVAC team will also be familiar with new technologies and add-ons that are right for your home.

What to expect during furnace installation

A professional HVAC installation team will come on time and prepared. They will let you know ahead of time how long the installation will take, which could take anywhere from a half-day to a full day depending on the system.

The process includes installation, testing, and clean up to make sure that your new furnace is working properly. For efficiency, be sure that the furnace room and surrounding areas are clutter-free and well-lit. Always keep children and pets away from the work area for safety.

Final thoughts

Your furnace is a critical component for the comfort and safety of your home, especially in the cold winter months. Whether you are needing to replace a broken furnace or you’re looking for a more efficient system, a certified Carrier dealer can help.