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Does an Air Conditioner Recirculate Air?

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When the weather warms up and the air conditioner comes on, there is nothing quite like the relief of cool air on a hot summer day. While a window AC unit cools one room and leaves the others warm, a central air conditioner circulates the air through the entire house using your duct system. This process allows the entire house to be cooled rather than concentrated in one area.

A quality central air conditioner is one that performs quietly and efficiently. When it comes to routine maintenance and servicing, it helps to understand how your AC system works. Below is a guide on how your central air conditioner recirculates air into your home to provide cool, comfortable, and clean air.

The components of a central AC unit

Essentially, warm air from the inside of your home is pulled into your duct system by a motorized fan. Your central air conditioner absorbs the heat and, after the following process, pushes cool air through connecting ducts to the vents throughout your home. Below is a simple guide explaining how your indoor air is cooled.

The compressor

At the heart of your central air conditioner is a compressor that circulates and pressurizes coolant. This process is the turning of the refrigerant from liquid to gas and lowers the refrigerant to a cooler temperature.

The condenser coil…

The role of the condenser coil is to convert the cool refrigerant gas back into a liquid while extracting liquid out of the air that passes through, dehumidifying the air that is recirculated into your home.

The evaporator coil…

The transformed liquid then enters the evaporator through a small hole. In this process, the pressure drops and the liquid converts into a gas once more. This low-pressure gas travels back to the compressor and the cycle repeats until it reaches the desired temperature set on your thermostat.

The benefits of a central air conditioner

One of the main benefits of having a central air conditioner installed is that your entire home is cooled and provided with better, more comfortable air quality. A reliable central air conditioner is one that you don’t have to think about and one that you can feel confident will last you for many more hot summers to come.

As the weather warms up, get in touch with Spring’s Servicing & Heating for some of the best in HVAC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Whatever your needs are for improving your home air quality, we’ve got you covered.

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