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DIY vs. Professional Air Conditioning Repair: When it’s Time to Call in Calgary Experts

As homeowners, when something isn’t working as it should, we tend to try to fix it ourselves. Whether we’re trying to save money or we think it’s a simple fix, choosing to either[...]

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5 Signs You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair or Cleaning

We’ve had quite a blistering summer so far in Calgary, and it’s not uncommon for the warm temperatures to continue into the fall. With our hot summers, your air conditioner becomes an essential[...]

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The Cool Way to Save on Air Conditioning Repairs: Getting Regular Maintenance

There's nothing more comforting than walking into a cool, air-conditioned home or office - until your trusty air conditioner suddenly fails on a scorching hot summer day, that is. At this point, most[...]

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How Air Conditioners Recirculate Air to Keep You Cool

When the weather warms up and the air conditioner comes on, there is nothing quite like the relief of cool air on a hot summer day. While a window AC unit cools one[...]

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AC on a Budget: Making the Luxury of Air Conditioning Affordable

When it comes to air conditioning, many people have the misconception that it is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. However, in reality, advancements in technology and air conditioning repair and[...]

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AC Not Cooling Properly? Here Are 8 Reasons Why

Is your air conditioner running but not making your house any cooler? A number of factors could be responsible for your air conditioner's poor performance. The good news is that most issues can[...]

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Don’t Sweat It: How to Find the Right Air Conditioning Repair Technician

As the weather heats up in Calgary, homeowners want to ensure their air conditioning system is functioning and continues to function all season. The comfort of a cool, climate-controlled home is an oasis[...]

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Air Conditioning Repair Services to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Many people share summer as their most favourite time of the year. And for good reason: it’s warm, the days are long, and the natural outdoor beauty springs to life. However, with all[...]

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