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Humidifier Installation and Repair

Banish Dry Air with a New Humidifier

What’s the solution to dry air? A humidifier is your home’s best weapon against lack of moisture, and Spring’s Servicing & Heating Ltd. in Calgary installs and repairs humidifier systems for homeowners from High River to Okotoks to Airdrie. We’ll help you choose a Honeywell or General Aire® system that will provide your home with the ideal humidity—too much humidity is a problem, too, and we’ll help you strike the right balance.

Time to install a Humidifier

The Calgary air can be dry, which means that the air in your home is also dry, and dry air can be unpleasant, especially in the winter. Dry air can make your skin tight and itchy, it can create uncomfortable static shocks, and it can even damage your furniture by causing it to crack or shrink.


If you’ve got questions, or want to get a new humidifier installed in your home contact us today!

The benefits of having a humidifer installed in your home

  • Helps to Prevent Air Bourne Viruses
    Increased humidity levels in an environment has been shown to prevent the movement of germs. Airborne particles with humidity become too heavy to float around in the air and in turn helps prevent the spread of many illness.
  • Helps Prevent Snoring
    By adding humidity in your home through a humidifier you are creating a better environment that soothes the back of your throat when you sleep. Reducing the dry air and dry throat someone is experiencing while they sleep may prevent that person from snoring through the night.
  • Prevents Dry Skin
    Our climate here in Calgary is dry to say the least. We are constantly applying moisturizers and creams especially during the harsh winter months. A humidifier can help prevent those dry cracked hands. The added moisture will help improve your dry and itchy skin or dry eyes and chapped lips.
  • Relieve Allergy Symptoms
    Humidifiers can help ease allergy symptoms by creating an environment throughout the home that is favourable. Allergy sufferers may feel more comfortable with an increase in humidity as it may help with dry throats and nasal passages.
  • Prevent Static in the Home
    Static electricity is quite high during the winter months. Proper humidity will most certainly eliminate static issues in any home entirely.
  • Prevent Damage to Wood Fixtures
    Dry air will most certainly damage wood furniture, hardwood floors and wood cabinets. Lack of humidity in the home will cause hardwood floors to open up and loosen joints. Wood doors may also warp and have difficulty closes or opening. Wood structures require a constant level of humidity to maintain longevity. A humidifier in the home, when used correctly can make sure that the wood features in your home will look their best.
Humidifier Installation and Repair 1

We also do humidifier repairs!

Is your home’s humidifier system not working correctly? Not only does Spring’s Servicing & Heating install new systems, we’re also just one call away when you need repairs or maintenance.

We want to be a name you can depend on for the life of your air quality systems! Call us today.