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Hot Water Tank Installation

Affordable Calgary Hot Water Tank Installation

It’s very difficult to get through the day without ready access to a supply of hot water, and that’s what a hot water tank does – it’s a place for hot water to be stored until you need it. But if your hot water tank has stopped working, what do you do?

If you get up in the morning, turn on the shower and find that you have no hot water in the house, pick up the phone and call Spring’s Servicing & Heating for prompt service. Customer care is at the forefront of what we do—we won’t leave you stuck without hot water for long, whether you live in High River or Airdrie.

Hot Water Tank Repair Services
Hot Water Tank Installation Calgary

Why Choose Spring’s Servicing & Heating for your Hot Water Tank installation?

When you need to have your Calgary hot water tank installed, you want to have a local company familiar with the various code requirements handling the work. Spring’s Servicing & Heating has the necessary permits and expertise to complete any hot water tank installation quickly, correctly and always to code.

Do you need a new hot water tank installed or serviced? We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to replace my hot water tank?

There are numerous ways to determine whether you should replace your hot water tank or not. Some of the telltale signs include:

  • Your hot water tank is 10 (or more) years old 
  • It’s making “knocking” noises
  • It leaks
  • It’s producing rusty water or water with a metallic stench

How long does a Hot Water Tank Installation service take?

 As long as no unexpected issues arise, a certified plumber can do the job in 2 to 3 hours.

How much does it cost to install a Hot Water Tank?

The typical price of a hot water tank (40 gallons) is around $1200-$1600—this includes installation. However, this price can fluctuate depending on the brand you choose, the warranty, the model of the hot water tank model, as well as the company tasked with installing it.

How do I know what size water heater to buy for my home?

Simply take into account how many people live under your roof. For example, a small tank (50- to 60-gallon) should be adequate for one to three people. A medium tank (80-gallon) is sufficient for three to four people. And a large tank will accommodate four to six people.

What brands of Hot Water Tanks do you install?

At Spring’s Service and Heating, we are a Carrier Authorized Factory Dealer. Carrier, founded by Willis Carrier (the man responsible for modern-day air conditioning), is an industry leader. Moreover, the enterprise is rated among the top companies in the HVAC industry. And as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we take pride in installing high-quality Carrier hot water tanks for our customers.

Can hot water tanks explode?

It is possible for residential water heaters to explode. Such circumstances are rare; however, if they do occur, they have the potential to be deadly. Explosions can occur with both gas or electric hot water tanks; it’s typically the result of tanks not being maintained properly. So be sure your tank is in good condition and adequately maintained. 

Why is my hot water tank making noise?

It may be due to residue accumulation at the bottom of the tank. If such is the case, the noises result from simmering water entrapped within the residue. This issue can be resolved by emptying the water heater at least once annually. 

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