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Electronic Air Cleaner Installation & Repair

Breathe Better with an Electronic Air Cleaner

Your home should always be a place where you can relax and unwind, but if you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer and the air in your house is filled with dust and other pollutants, coming home can be anything but relaxing.

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home because of allergies or asthma, an electronic air cleaner can be an effective way to find relief. Pet owners and smokers also enjoy the improved air quality that an electronic air cleaner offers.

Spring’s Servicing & Heating Ltd. in Calgary both installs and repairs electronic air cleaners, which means not only can we put your air cleaning system in, we’ll also be around to service and maintain it!

Benefits for Electronic Air Cleaners

Many different types of air filtration systems exist—why choose an electronic air cleaner?

  • Electronic air cleaners can eliminate extremely small particles from the air, especially if you choose one that uses a HEPA filter.
  • Electronic air cleaners can help improve the function of heating and cooling systems, as well as improve their life expectancy, which saves you money over time.
  • Electronic air cleaners are low maintenance—simply wash the cells in your dishwasher or by hand as needed.
Electronic Air Cleaner Installation & Repair

Air Cleaner Installation & Repairs

We recommend either Carrier or Honeywell brand products for their outstanding and lasting performance.

Honeywell F300 Electronic Air Cleaner

The Honeywell F300

The Honeywell F300 works efficiently to capture 99% of air particles in the home with minimal maintenance.  Achieving cleaner air is as simple as removing and washing the filter every 6-12 months.

  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Captures up to 99% of airborne particles
  • Renewable and eco-friendly
  • Five-year warranty
Carrier Air Purifier

Carrier Electronic Air Cleaner

Carrier offers a number of different options when it comes to air purifiers and you will be sure to find one that meets your needs in your home, whether it be pollen, dust or tobacco smoke. The Carrier Electronic air cleaner is also 99% efficient and has a five year warranty.

Carrier Infinity Air Purifier

Carrier Infinity Air Purifier GAPAA

If you have allergies or asthma, this is the Carrier air purifier for you.

  • Cleans the air supply for your entire home up to 8 times an hour.
  • Rated MERV 15: traps 95% of organisms down to 0.30 microns. Fight back against influenza, the common cold virus, measles and SARS.
  • Once trapped, they are exposed to an electrical charge that will kill 99% of pathogens.
  • The filter cartridge is made to last and is easy to replace
  • Fits most furnace and ductwork and furnace situations.
  • Automatic filter change alert with the Infinity control.
  • 5-year warranty.
Carrier Performance EZ Flex Air Filter With Cabinet

Performance EZ Flex Air Filter with Cabinet

EZ Flex will provide you with the dust-free air but do not suffer from airborne allergies.

  • MERV 10 efficiency traps particles as small as 1 micron. (MERV 13 replacement filters available).
  • Protects heating and cooling equipment.
  • Enhanced air flow.
  • Easy filter replacement.
  • 10 year limited warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an Electronic Air Cleaner at Home?

Like an air purifier, an electronic air cleaner can relieve asthma and allergy triggers. These units take pet hair, dander, and dust particles within your home out of the air. 

How does an Electronic Air Cleaner filter Indoor Air?

As air moves through the network of your heating and cooling system, the electronic air cleaner captures particles (dust, grime, pet hair, etc.) within a prefilter. From there, electrically powered filters draw in and snare smaller fragments, preventing them from redistributing throughout your household.

How to Install an Electronic Air Cleaner?

You can install an electronic air cleaner in a few simple steps:

  1. Take the air cleaner cabinet and extract the pre-filter and both electronic cells 
  2. Use a self-adhesive strip gasket around the air cleaner cabinet’s rim
  3. Bolt the air cleaner cabinet to your furnace’s side
  4. Put a sheet metal duct between the existing heat duct and the air cleaner. Use a flexible adapter to solidify the linkage between the two ducts
  5. Use short sheet metal screws to attach the duct to the air cleaner and furnace
  6. Close and seal the joints in the duct using foil-faced duct tape
  7. Place the pre-filter and electronic cells into the air cleaner cabinet, ensuring you orient them in the proper direction of airflow.
  8. Connect the electronic switch piece to the air cleaner cabinet; plug the power cord in.

How do you clean an electronic air filter?

 You can use a simple and easy method to clean your electronic air filter. 

  • Run your bathtub with hot water until you fill it up
  • Pour some gentle dish soap into your tub (about a 1/2 cup) 
  • Completely immerse the electronic air filter within the hot bath water
  • Leave it for 20 minutes
  • Extract the filter from the water and gently brush the grime from the cells
  • Leave it to air dry (45 minutes to one hour should be sufficient)
  • Place the electronic air filter back into your furnace

Which air cleaner is best for me?

There is no-size-fits-all regarding air cleaners; the type of air cleaner you select should be based on your specific needs. However, many air cleaners are available for you to choose from. And the best ways to determine which one is ideal for you include:

  1. Specify your airflow needs
  2. Distinguish your unique dust conditions
  3. Identify the air cleaner series that would be ideal for your airflow requirements
  4. Determine the air cleaner family
  5. Select the air intake parts that would help merge a typical air cleaner into your system

How long do electronic air cleaners last?

The answer to this question is based on how often your electronic air filter is used. However, as a general rule, you should clean the cells and prefilters once every 90 days (minimum). And more often, if you notice your cells getting dirtier faster than usual.

How do I know if my electronic air cleaner is working?

Close the access door, then switch on the system blower fan as well as the Electronic Air Cleaner. If a neon light illuminates, your Electronic Air Cleaner is functional.

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