Improve Your Home Air Quality With These Duct Cleaning Services in Calgary

The benefits of your HVAC system cannot be underestimated. These invaluable systems provide you and your home with a myriad of conveniences that you’d be hard-pressed to do without. Some of these benefits include increased comfort, improved health, moderated house temperature and much more.

Consequently, it would be prudent of you to ensure your HVAC system is fully operational. At Spring’s Servicing and Heating, we offer furnace duct cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding areas to help you breathe easier.

Here are some of the services we offer, as well as how they can help you live a healthier life.

Air Conditioning Installation

Need a new air conditioner installed? We’re the ones for the job! We are Carrier certified and can help by answering any and all of your questions (what size unit should you get? What type of unit is most appropriate for your home? Etc), as well as installing the unit into your home.

This is an important decision to make, living in Calgary (and the surrounding areas); the temperatures can fluctuate to both extremes of hot and cold. With this being the case, you need to maintain your home temperature to ensure you don’t overheat or freeze.

That’s where the necessity of an air conditioner is of value. Get in touch with our team of professionals today to learn more.

Furnace Duct Cleaning

Experiencing sneezing, coughing, or even mild headaches in allergy season may not always be due to airborne allergens. But rather, it could be the buildup of mildew, mold, dust mites, and animal dander in your ducts. If this is the case, there are a few things Spring’s Servicing and Heating can do to help.

Our furnace duct cleaning services can dispense with the buildup in your ducts and vents that lead to seasonal reactions. These reactions are typically caused by the poor air quality that these clogged vents produce.

Once cleared, you can breathe easy again.

Furnace Installation

Did you know that Carrier is one of the foremost world leaders for home furnaces? Additionally, in Southern Alberta, there are only 3 Authorized Carrier Dealers. and Spring’s Servicing and Heating is one of them!

We are proficient in dealing with Carrier-produced products, as such, we’re able to offer superior service in addition to professional guidance to the fine folks of Southern Alberta including – but not limited to – Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, and more.

Electric Air Cleaners

Are you worried about poor air quality within your home? This is a concern many people have, especially if they suffer from asthma or other compromising conditions. Such a problem can be remedied with an electric air cleaner.

An electric air cleaner can:

  • Dispense with tiny fragments and specs floating around that can cause allergic reactions in people with compromised immune systems
  • Enhance your heating and cooling networks
  • Are easy to take care of and manage

Gas Lines & Dryer Vent Hookups

Gas Lines

Do you want a gas stove? Spring’s Servicing and Heating can efficiently and securely position the gas lines you need in order to hook up your gas stove or additional appliances.

Dryer Hookup Service

This is a sensitive situation, if you incorrectly fasten either the vent or gas line to the dryer, you could inadvertently damage the machine. For these reasons, our gas line and dryer vent hookup service is highly recommended.

Leave this type of work to the professionals and you can experience benefits such as:

  • Reduced energy bill
  • Extension of dryer life
  • Extended life of clothing

Heat Runs and Duct Work

Integrating new heating or cooling systems in your home? Or unhappy with how your current systems are performing? If so, it’s probably a good idea to have new heat runs or ductwork installed. At Spring’s Servicing and Heating, our seasoned experts can evaluate your home in regards to its existing heat runs and ductwork, find the deficiencies, and pinpoint where new systems should be installed.

Hot Water Tank Installation

Have you ever tried to go a day without hot water? Probably not. Most of us are so used to it that we take it for granted. But the hot water tank is responsible for that steady hot water supply in your home that you’ve grown so fond of. And without it, well, hopefully, you can get used to cold showers every day.

If you find that you have no hot water flowing freely through your pipes, more than likely, there’s an issue with your hot water tank. Contact us to solve this problem.

Humidifier Installation and Repair

Did you know that breathing in too much dry air can lead to respiratory problems, dehydration, and even nosebleeds? So what can you do about it? Get yourself a humidifier! This is your home’s first and (if it’s a good unit) last line of defense against dry air.

And we here at Spring’s Servicing and Heating offer humidifier installation and repair services to combat this issue.

So if you find yourself suffering from frequent nosebleeds, dry skin, dehydration, sore throat, etc, and you’re in the Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere or Calgary area, get in contact with us today to repair your current humidifier or install a new one.